Yucky Water

We are staying at Nana's while we are in Spokane. (Forgot to mention that little tidbit yesterday…we are in Spokane for the weekend).  You remember Nana?  Kelly's "eccentric" grandmother?  We stayed at her house for Christmas and it was great.  She totally child proofed her house for us.  Now, I don't mean normal stuff like covering outlets.  I mean removing the twenty or so crystal candy dishes lining and surrounding all her coffee tables…clearing out her treasures so that there was walking room…you get the idea.  She did an amazing job.  Truly.  Her home may be the most childproofed in our family.  Or should I say it was.

Kel and I didn't bother rechecking everything when we got to Nana's.  Come on now, we were just here two months ago.  Granted, she had slacked a bit on the candy dishes, and after Zoë dumped a couple out on her quest for chocolate I relocated them to higher ground. That should have been my first clue.

I gave Zoë her bath and tucked her into bed.  Easy peasy.  I was so proud of her.  I got busy helping Nana write out some checks and didn't hear a peep out of Miss Zoë.  Then Kelly heard a peep and went to investigate and I heard, "Oh my God!" So of course I jumped up and ran in there.

I found Kelly holding an empty crystal decantur of, well, I'm not sure what it was…and he informed me that Zoë said, "Yucky water! I make mess." Um yeah.  She drank some sort of liquor (brandy maybe?) decided it was gross and dumped it all over herself and her jammies.  Where was the liquor?  Oh, it was in the tiny cabinet surrounded by little glass candies.  Bloody hell.

I cleaned up our little stinker and told her that she needed to stay in her bed, while Kelly removed all the liquor and tiny glass toys within reach.  AND told Nana that if she wanted us to stay at her house she couldn't put liquor and tiny glass candy in the guest bedroom (or anywhere that Zoë could easily access it). For the love of God.

On the plus side, I don't think we have to worry about Zoë sneaking into our liquor cabinet any time soon. LOL!

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