Walking Around In My Underwear

Whoa! I bet you didn’t expect that one did you.  Fear not, it was G-Rated.  I am talking about my camisole and boy shorts underwear… nothing from Victoria Secret.  In all fairness they cover more than my swimsuit.  It is so flipping hot here today. It is 82 degrees in our house and we have no air conditioning.  I know that some of you are thinking, "Seriously Maeg, 82 degrees is not that bad." I would agree except for the fact that the temperature jumped 15 degrees overnight.  I need time to acclimate!  I let Zoë take a nap in her diaper and bloomers and she spent the rest of the day like that.  We sat around and watched cartoons.  It is just to dang hot outside!  Tomorrow will be a bit cooler (78) and then back to the normal 65ish weather.  That is much more like it.  What can I say?  I am a Seattle girl. Mid-sixties is just fine with me.

On to more interesting subject matter.  Guess what I did today?  I started my very first 8.5×11 layouts.  I have never done any in that size before and I have got to say, it is pretty fun.  I was catching up on Heather Melzer’s blog today and read her post about the Weekly Challenges at her site.  I vaguely remember looking at it after the grand opening but haven’t been back.  I am such a fan of Heather’s work so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and participate in the weekly challenges.  So why did I do mine in an 8.5×11 format?  Heather is doing all of hers in 8.5×11 and creating a special album. I thought that was a fabulous idea so I am copying her. (I am not ashamed to admit it). icon smile Walking Around In My Underwear   Would you like to see the layouts that inspired me?
week layouts 1 Walking Around In My Underwear

I’ve also started another layout (In all honesty I have about six layouts in-process on my desktop) using Ashley Olson’s new kit Glam Chick.

ashleyolson glamchic preview Walking Around In My Underwear

It’s 50% off right now at her new store Ash Scraps DigiShoppe.  She is still selling at SBB but you can get her kits at a discounted price at her shop when they are newly released.  Gotta love that.

I cannot believe that I almost forgot to mention the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.  Was I the only one that thought it was mediocre?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but I was just not that impressed.  I think that Christina is a completely horrible girlfriend…or person in general. She was horrible to Burke and bailed on him when he needed her the most.  I was practically yelling at the television.  I was also just not feeling the love between Meredith and McDreamy.  You can only mess with a couple for so long before you ruin the chemistry.  I am still a bit miffed at him about calling her a wh*re.  The nerve.  Finally, Izzy and Denny.  Is anyone seeing this end well?  Well, that is my two cents.  Have a good night everyone!

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