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For the past three years I have diligently taken a photo (almost) every day to document the daily life of our family. To me, our ordinary routines and tasks are the most special to me. The ordinary really is extraordinary. Little glimpses of my girls growing up, the foods we eat, the games we play, the way we spend our free time… all of those things are worth documenting. Before I began Project Life-P365-POTD-Life in Photos, those glimpses were not getting scrapbooked. Those glimpses were always pictures that I liked, but not enough to ever take the time and make a layout about them. Now the little pieces that truly tell our story are finally together in one album. I love my Life in Photos albums and so do Zoë and Eden. Therein lies the problem.

My albums are not going anywhere while I’m still around, but I want the girls to have photo from their childhood. Actually, I want them to have photos and stories from their childhood. Being a digital scrapbooker, I could very easily print duplicate layouts and make them albums, but what are the chances they want to lug those bad boys everywhere they move? Not great.

I came up with the scathingly brilliant idea (name that movie) of creating 8×8 photo books of my Life in Photos album each year. I could keep the large 12×12 album, and when Zoë and Eden graduate from high school (or maybe college?) I would present them with 18 beautiful photo books that would fit nicely on any book shelf. Brilliant, yes?

A few weeks ago while Shutterfly was having a great BOGO sale on photo books I got to work. I spent about two hours creating my photo book and reached the beginning of November when I received the message “You have reached the 100 page limit.” Say what?! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math 52 weeks a year x 2 = 104 pages + cover page = 105 pages. I was annoyed, to say the least. It is my own fault, really. It never occurred to me that there would be a page limit and so I never checked.

With Shutterfly out of the picture, I went on a hunt to find a company that offered 100+ page photo books. It was then that I remembered this blog post by Cathy Zielske showing off her new Me: The Abridged Version album. (Fabulous class by the way. It is one of my all time favorites. I give it two thumbs WAY up.) I had never heard of Inkubook until Cathy mentioned them, and I’ve been a digital scrapbooking, photo book ordering machine for years now! I looked on their website and low and behold they offer an 8.5 x 8.5 photo book with 81-120 pages for $39.95 (soft cover) and $49.95 (hard cover). Hallelujuah! The best part? When I signed up for an account they emailed me a BOGO code for my first order.

After already spending 2+ hours that day working on my Shutterfly book, I threw caution to the wind and dragged/dropped my original digital layouts straight into the 8.5 x 8.5 Inkubook and crossed my fingers that nothing important would get cropped off or bound in the gutter of the book.

How did my Inkubook turn out? I made a video to show you.

In short, I am thrilled with my Inkubooks. I would not hesitate to use them again. In fact, I already have, but that is a post for another day. They may not have BOGO sales as often as Shutterfly, but don’t dismiss them. Their photo books are beautiful. Their website is extremely user friendly and intuitive. They don’t mess around when it comes to safely packaging your order either. I was very impressed. Most importantly, the color of my photos/papers were accurate and not over saturated.

To create my 2010 album I used this template by Cathy Zielske. I know some of the layouts don’t look like the original template, that is because I tweaked the template to accomodate my pictures each week. Templates are so wonderfully versatile, just remember to “Save As” before you make any changes so that you don’t permanently changing the orignal template! I also used The Darling Paper Collection by the Shabby Princess.

Are you ready to create your own Inkubook?! Don’t forget, for all new Inkubook users, if you make AND order a photo book within the first 10 days of signup you can get one free (copy or a different book, lesser value book is free). They are also running two specials this month. From now through 12/9 use code HOMEFREE to receive 20% off all orders + free US ground shipping on orders over $30. From 12/10-12/14 use code LASTGIFT to receive $10 off order of $30 or more.

It gets better!

Inkubook is offering a $24.95 gift certificate +
free US domestic shipping to one lucky reader!
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