The Best Hair Style EVER

One of my favorite things about our house is the design of the upstairs. When you walk up the stairs you see a huge open room, which happens to be our playroom. The girls can play upstairs happily without direct supervision, which makes it much easier for me to get ready in the morning. I love listening to the girls giggle and play together. It makes my heart happy.

Yesterday, just as I was coming out of the bedroom I heard Zoë ask Eden, "Do you want me to give you the best hair style EVER?" I didn't even their bathroom. I darted downstairs as fast as I could to grab my camera. When I got back upstairs, this is what I found…

 The Best Hair Style EVER
Lovely, yes?

Eden wasn't too thrilled with the headband so Zoë tried a few different styles before ending up with this one. Here are my lovely ladies admiring Zoë's mad styling skills. Have I mentioned that I love having little girls?

 The Best Hair Style EVER

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