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    Project Life 2012 | January


    This is my fourth year of participating in P365, or Photo-of-the-Day, or Life in Photos, or Project Life. Whatever you call it, capturing (mostly) daily photos of my family and our life is my passion. I love documenting the little bits of life that make our life special. That being said, I’ve never been an official “Project Life” participant. The idea is exactly the same, but I have used a mishmash of other products for the last three years instead of Becky Higgins’ paper products. (Remember, I’m a digital girl.) However, I have been worn down. I have seen literally hundreds of fantastic layouts using her templates and I am completely hooked. Hooked, I say!

    It took me almost two months to finally decide on a design. While I love Becky’s Design A, my very favorite thing about using Cathy Zielske’s template for the last three years was that I could drop the completed layouts straight into a photo book without having to worry about portions of my page being cropped or stitched into the binding. I also love the look of the divided page protectors, but there was no way on God’s green earth that I was creating pieces of my page digitally, printing them, cropping, and inserting them into page protectors. Never going to happen.

    So what did I finally do? The short version is that I resized Becky’s Design A Template and the digital page protector to allow for my cardstock the show around the edges. Each month of the year will have its’ own color. The 4×6 cards in the upper left hand corner will coordinate with that color.

    I approach Project Life “weeks” a bit differently than most people. Each month I create the same pages 1st-7th, 8th-14th, 15th-21st, 22nd-28th, 29th-last day + Monthly Headlines or Monthly Highlights. Here are my layouts from January. (Click on the layouts to see a larger version.)

    Week 1 | January 1st – 7th

    2012 1 1 7web Project Life 2012 | January

    Week 2 | January 8th – 14th

    2012 1 8 14web Project Life 2012 | January

    Week 3 | January 15th – 21st

    2012 1 15 21web Project Life 2012 | January

    Week 5 | January 29th – 31st + Monthly Headlines

    2012 1 29 31web Project Life 2012 | January

    January Supplies:
    Click on the images to link to the products. 

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