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  • Maegan

    The Stars Have Aligned

    What are the odds that National Scrapbooking Day and Mother’s Day would fall on the same weekend? It’s pretty much the best weekend of the year. I would love to spend all of NSD uninterupted at my desk with some coffee while listening to Josh Groban sing to me while I scrap, but I will probably have to settle for nap time and after the girls go to bed. I can dream, right?

    In honor of National Scrapbooking Day everything at Scrapaholics is 25% off now through Sunday. WHOO! But that’s not all, oh no. This is also Mother’s Day weekend afterall, and as an extra bonus for the scrapping mommies of the world, my “Oh Baby!” collection is 50% off as well.

    There’s more.

    I KNOW!

    I am also giving away one complete School of Life collection. The whole shebang. Every template, every stamp. The whole enchilada. That is almost $35 of free scrapbooking goodness!

    wholeshebang The Stars Have Aligned
    Here’s how to enter!

    1. Leave a comment on this blog post.
    2. “Like” the Scrapaholics Facebook page and comment below that you have.
    3. Post about our sale and giveaway on your Facebook page and comment below with a link.
    4. For an extra entry, tag yourself on “The Whole Shebang” picture on the Scrapaholics Facebook page.
    5. For every one of your friends that “Likes” the Scrapaholics Facebook page you will receive an extra entry. (Please make sure they tell me who sent them!)
    6. “Like” the Simply Styled Home Facebook page (My other company. Who knew?!) and leave a comment below that you have.
    Entries close at 9pm EST on Mother’s Day.
    Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend filled with shopping, scrapping, pampering and relaxing!

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  • Maegan

    BIG news at Scrapaholics

    I have been working on a secret project with someone special for almost a year now. You may have heard of her…

    stacy julian digital scrapaholics1 BIG news at Scrapaholics

    I am thrilled to announce that Stacy Julian‘s new line of digital templates are now available exclusively at Scrapaholics.

    You already know that I am a huge Library of Memories enthusiast. I have blogged about it many, many times now. I have an entire store dedicated to it. I’m a super fan and I am totally OK with that. The more the merrier I say.

    You can imagine my surprise when last spring, out of the blue, Stacy called to tell me that she had seen my LOM layouts in the Big Picture Classes gallery and loved them. (At that point I was shocked/speechless.) When she said that she had heard of Scrapaholics and wondered if I would be interested in creating templates of the navigation pages in HER library I just about dropped the phone. Would I? YES!!!

    Stacy lives not far from where I grew up, and literally minutes from my aunt and uncle, so I visited her this summer and took photos of her navigation pages in order to create digital versions. I’m not going to lie, I’m fairly certain that I heard a choir of angels singing when I saw the original Library of Memories. The Library of Memories that started it all. SO COOL.

    blog stacy1 BIG news at Scrapaholics

    It was so much fun meeting Stacy in person. After reading her magazine and books, taking her classes, and working with her over the phone and via email, it was like catching up with a dear friend.

    blog stacy2 BIG news at Scrapaholics

    A few people have asked me if Stacy will be making 12×12 versions of her navigation pages. Yes! I can’t give you an exact date, but they are in the works. Once the paper layouts are finished I will get to work on the digital versions.

    If you are a member of the LOM Community at Big Picture Classes make sure and visit “LOM News” section of the message board. *wink*

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  • Maegan

    Good Things Come In Three’s

    Number One:

    Remember a few months ago when I said that I was *almost* done with my School of Life templates? Well guess what? I am THRILLED to present not only templates but an entire School of Life Collection

     Good Things Come In Threes
    I very rarely, if ever, go back and remake completed layouts. I have hundreds of pictures that need to be scrapped, why remake pages? I made an exception with Zoë's School of Life album because a) I want to use the same format each year for her entire school career; and b) it is the most loved album in our library. It needed to contain the most precious photos and details. The previous design didn't provide enough space for journaling or photos (in my opinion).

    I love, love, love how Zoë's album is coming along. I was as happy as a clam when the layouts I ordered from Persnickety Prints arrived today. I'll post pictures of the actual album tomorrow. I just need to finish assembling/filling the pocket pages. For now, here is a look at the templates in action. Please forgive the oversaturated GIF. I promise, the papers don't look like that IRL. 

    To celebrate the entire School of Life collection is 20% until Valentine's Day. Never say I don't love my blog readers. Heck, I'm just happy there are some of you left! 

    Number Two:

    Scrapaholics got a facelift! Amanda Kay did a fabulous job on my new shopping cart system and put up with me. (I've been told I am a bit of a perfectionist.) I couldn't be happier with the end result. If you ever need a shopping cart or gallery installed or are looking for a graphic designer, Amanda is your girl. I give her five stars!

    Please note: You will need to create a new account in the new shopping cart. I was not able to import the data from our old shopping cart system.

    Number Three:

    Scrapaholics now has a gallery!!! Feel free to upload your layouts (using at least 25% Scrapaholics products) in the new gallery or just browse the layouts to get your creative juices flowing.

    Please note: The gallery and shopping cart have separate systems so you will need to register before you can upload any layouts.

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  • Maegan

    The Big Reveal

    I am so excited to finally reveal the new look for my store (and blogs!) I have been working with Shalon at Paper Me Pretty for the past few months getting everything just right. What do you think?! I am loving it! Everything is nice and fresh just in time for National Scrapbooking Day. It's like Christmas, only better!

    I threw my back out this week combing Eden's hair. (How lame is that?) The downside is that I was stuck in the recliner for two days. The upside is that it gave me lots of time to design some fun new products. Wanna see?

     The Big Reveal

     The Big Reveal

    I have finally found some designs for my Library of Memories framework pages that I am excited about.  I can't tell you how many times I have started and stopped, only to discard the pages later. I have created no less than twenty pages in the last 24 hours and love them all. The secret is simplicity. I was making the pages more complicated than they needed to be. You'd think that I would know better by now. I am a clean and simple girl. 

    Here are some of the pages I have been working on. I'm not finished by an stretch of the imagination, but I have made a pretty good dent. (The animation may take a moment to get started. Just give it a moment.)

    Alright, I am off to pack for our trip to Spokane tomorrow. (Don't the Bloomsday organizers know that they are disrupting my NSD plans?) Speaking of NSD, don't forget to stop by the Scrapaholics Facebook Page for a 30% off discount code before you go shopping!

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  • Maegan

    Library of Memories – Take Two

    I took the Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking last year and LOVED it. Honestly, it was the best money I have ever spent on scrapbooking. Stacy Julian is my hero. I mean really, it combines organizing AND scrapbooking. Two words synonymous with Maegan. (Just as my mom about the time I took pictures of the contents of my kitchen cabinets and drawers and made a reference poster in my pantry.) I was thrilled to find out that any alumni could take the 2009 session for FREE! Yes, I remember everything I learned last year, but there is just something about the enthusiasm generated from the class… it is really motivating and makes me happy.

    And something else that makes me happy? My newly redesigned website (I put the finishing touches on it last night) and my new product line…

     Library of Memories   Take Two

    You will find eveything you need to create your own beautiful color coordinated Library of Memories. I have Lickety Split Templates for the album spines and section tabs, cardstock that coordinates with the WRMK leather and linen albums; and for anyone unfamiliar with Photoshop, I also offer custom packages where I create everything for you. I am so excited.

    I have already been asked if I am planning to create similar products for the American Craft albums, and the answer is yes. Expect them up in the shop very soon.

    Now I am off to listen to my LOM – Week 1 message from Stacy. And then maybe I will sort some photos. Can't wait!

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