Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week

This is my third year planning Staff Appreciation Week for my daughter’s school. It took me some time to decide on a fun theme, but I present to you… Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week!

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week

All of the Space Themed Printables for this event are available in the Simply Styled Home shop. (For those of you wondering, Simply Styled Home is my creative counterpart.) Step-by-step instructions to recreate this event are posted on SSH. The nitty gritty details are really only interesting to those of us who actually have to plan the events.

For the past few years, the Hospitality Committee and Room Parents were the only ones who really had any clue what was happening during Staff Appreciation Week. It makes sense. If you don’t go to the staff lounge, why would you know anything was happening? I wanted to increase awareness in our school community and generate some excitement before the big event (and hopefully more volunteers). One month before Staff Appreciation Week I put these posters up all around the school. I absolutely recommend posters beforehand. I have never heard so much Staff Appreciation Week chatter. It was great!

Now that the groundwork was laid, I focused on the activities for the week, each one being space themed. I used SignUp Genius to coordinate sign ups with the Hospitality Committee and Room Parents for the activities. This year, the PTSA also added a Staff Appreciation page to the new website where parents could sign up as well. We also added information about the event with a link to the webpage in our weekly school newsletter. I made everything look pretty, but I couldn’t have pulled off an event like this without the wonderfully supportive parents at our school.

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week Poster

A week before Superhero Staff Appreciation Week, all of the teachers and staff received this invitation in their mailbox, along with a a drink order form (more about those down below). Instead of including a printed lunch questionnaire I emailed the teachers and staff  a Survey Gizmo survey link.

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week Invitation

What is a Supernova Surprise you ask? I will be writing a post on the Simply Styled Home website for with details about the Supernova Surprise. I won’t bore you with the specifics here, but I began procuring donations three months before Staff Appreciation Week.

This year, I created rockets with the staff members peeking out the window to decorate the classroom doors. Instead of hassling with a photographer (who would have to schedule time to take pictures of the entire staff) I used our 2013-2014 school pictures. Honestly, it took longer to cut the rockets out than it did to create them in Photoshop. In addition to the rockets, we had posters up around the school letting the students know extra rockets were available in the office. The front office also had a “Mission Control” sign on the outer doors, and on the secretary’s and front office manager’s desks. The principal had a “Shuttle Commander” sign on her door. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of them with their signs!

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week Posters

Before I go any further, I again want to give a shout out to the Lake Washington School District print shop. Helen and Lana are two of my favorite people. They print posters, sheets of stickers, labels, color copies, you name it… And all of it is gorgeous, fast, and extremely affordable. Between Staff Appreciation Week and the auction for my younger daughter’s school, I see Helen and Lana more than any of my other friends. If you are planning a school event, be sure to utilize your school district’s print shop.

The Friday before SAW, the students were sent home with “I Think You Are Out of This World Because…” pictures to color for their teacher. In addition to the coloring pages being sent home, I included a link in the school newsletter where parents could download and print additional copies. On Monday, the students presented the pictures and notes to their teachers, and the room moms came in and put them on the classroom doors.

I Think You Are Out of This World Coloring Page

Monday: Space Capsule Lunches

Coordinating personalized lunches for every staff member is hands down the most work of the entire week, but it is their very favorite event. (I know this because I sent out a survey after SAW last year.)  To streamline the process this year I created a Survey Gizmo lunch survey instead of a printed questionnaire. I asked the following questions: What is your favorite sandwich? Favorite bread? What do you like on your sandwich? Favorite chips? Favorite salad? Favorite dessert? Favorite drink? Favorite dessert? Any allergies? The day I handed out Staff Appreciation Week invitations, I also sent an email with the survey link and asked everyone to complete it by the Wednesday before SAW. Once I received a response, I took a screen shot of their answers and emailed it to the appropriate parent volunteer.

The feedback I heard from parents was that they didn’t mind making lunches, but decorating the lunches was very intimidating. You’ve seen our past lunches. Some parents go all out. WOW. To alleviate their concerns and encourage volunteers, I designed a Space Capsule Lunch Decoration Kit that parents could purchase if they so chose.

Space Capsule Lunch Decoration Kit

About half the parents used the decoration kit, the other half did their own thing. Once again, everyone blew me away with their creativity!

Space Capsule Lunches

Tuesday: Supersonic Snacks and Supernova Surprise

Some people don’t like popcorn. Did you know this? It had honestly never crossed my mind until I heard a teacher mention it last year. They didn’t have any snacks and that simply would not do! This year we had six different varieties of gourmet popcorn for the staff to enjoy throughout the day (1/2 sweet and 1/2 savory), in addition to two varieties of Chex Mix, nuts, Starbursts, and Milky Ways. I created “Sweet” and “Savory” 2″ circle labels for the serving cups because I could not imagine anything more disgusting than mixing Fudge Mint popcorn with Herbs & Spices. Bleck.

Supersonic Snacks

You can find all sorts of fabulous popcorn recipes on my Simply Pop! Pinterest board.

The highlight of the day was not the snacks (although they were delish) it was the Supernova Surprise. I was able to procure over $8,000 worth of prizes from my favorite Etsy shops and local business. How amazing is that?! I have never had such an outpouring of support from the community. I was completely blown away by their generosity.

I hung balloons from the staff room ceiling filled with star confetti (the janitors, bless their hearts, gave me the go-ahead) and a slip of paper with their prize typed on it. Every single staff member (45 in all) made a BIG BANG in the staff lounge during lunch and discovered which prize they had won. It made my heart happy to watch them. Mr. Rick and Mr. Brian, if you are reading this, I apologize for the confetti you will inevitably be vacuuming up for years.

Supernova Surprise

THANK YOU to these amazing businesses!
The Supernova Surprise would not exist without them!
They are truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Pacific Northwest Float TripsBellevue Center for HealthSimply CleanMyers ChiropracticLinda Kahle Fine Art ImageryUnique Dry Carpet ServiceBella PhotographyMantra BandsMaid 2 PleaseFlawless Beauty BarClear SolutionsSnapshot SandyCork & Click (Get Off Auto)Covington CellarsNorthwest AestheticsRedmond School of GlassMurder Mystery CompanyJo TotesRivaage SalonCork & CanvasesAmbrosia Med SpaeMealsErin CondrenBig Picture ClassesLaura Ashton CellarsNo More ‘To Go’Brown Bear Car WashPepper Bridge WineryEntropy Trading CompanyExpressions BraceletsStaplesCostcoBetter LifeBen Franklin CraftsSmug MugVol25Letter GirlNifty SwankHome StudiosSwirling ScarvesAgave RestaurantEclisse CreazioniPaper & OatsCoho CafeCanyons RestaurantTasty Suite.

Wednesday: Interstellar Lunch at the Chef Lynn Food Truck

I was trying to come up with something new and different for Staff Appreciation Week this year. We’ve done soup, I suppose we could have done salads, but I thought a food truck would be fun! The Chef Lynn Food Truck offers a variety of soups, sandwiches, sliders, salads, and has gluten free options, which is important to me. The staff shuttled out to the food truck for their lunch and thankfully the serious rain held off until after lunch. I heard rave reviews about the meatloaf sliders. (I had the GF vegetarian tacos, which were delicious.)


The staff also enjoyed an assortment drinks and desserts from the Hospitality Committee inside.

Interstellar Lunch

Thursday: Blast Off Breakfast

I included drink orders with the Blast Off Breakfast invitation, and asked that the teachers and staff return them the Thursday before Staff Appreciation Week. They had the choice of Rocket Fuel from Starbucks or a Stellar Smoothie. The drink orders were printed on 8.5×11 label paper and cut to size. (This is SO much easier than trying to line them up on shipping labels!)

Blast off Breakfast Invitation

Purchasing lattes for the entire staff is a huge portion of the Hospitality Committee budget each year. A few months before SAW, Starbucks offered a $5 for $10 Gift Card Groupon. Each person was limited to one Groupon, so I sent an email to the entire Hospitality Committee and asked them to please purchase a Groupon and email me the certificate. (I reimbursed them out of my budget.) I was able to reduce my expenses by about $100 this year using Groupons!

I took 1/2 the orders to the Starbucks about a mile away, 1/2 to the other Starbucks a mile the other way, and the smoothie orders to Jamba Juice. (Remember, I live in Seattle. We’re surrounded.) I pre-paid for all of the drinks to make pick up easy for the 6 parents picking up the 30 lattes and 15 smoothies the next morning. The baristas (and smoothie-istas?) loved the sticker labels. They quickly and easily made the pre-ordered drinks and attached the labels. The drinks and breakfast were waiting for the teachers/staff at 7:30am. I wanted them to have time to enjoy their breakfast before school started.

Blast off Breakfast

As I mentioned before, I sent out a survey to the staff last year after SAW to collect feedback while everything was fresh in their minds. One thing that was consistently mentioned was hot dishes. Done and done! Instead of the normal pastries, fruit, Kind Bars, and drinks, we added hot dishes. Bless those sweet parents who got up at the crack of dawn to prepare casseroles. I can barely “cook” toaster waffles and get my girls out the door on time for school, let alone at 7:30am.

Friday: Galactic Goodies Dessert Bar

I have a school of very health conscious teachers and staff. Last year, I scaled down the desserts and featured smaller desserts from some of my favorite boutique shops. Would you believe we still had leftovers? This year, I created a dessert table with delicious (mostly) bite sized treats from Luly’s Sweets & Treats (Planet Pops), Sweet Tweets (Rocket Cookies), Wickedly Whipped (Rice Krispies Planets), and Three Monkey’s Cakery (Triple Star Cupcake Toppers) in addition to chocolate bars in a variety of sizes.

Galactic Goodies

Isn’t it amazing? The rocket cookies from Sweet Tweets look just like the rockets on the invitation! I don’t think I could even bring myself to eat one! Ever year I stealthily listen to comments and improve little details of the events. (It’s all in the details, my friends.) The finishing touch to the Galactic Goodies dessert bar was the take-home gable boxes. The teachers and staff were able to fill their boxes with any and all treats they’d like to enjoy later or share with family over the weekend. They loved it! (I think the gable boxes would also be cute for Space Capsule Lunches.)

Space Gable Boxes

Thank you for reading! I hope this inspires and helps you plan an amazing Staff Appreciation Week for your school! You can read about my Dr. Seuss inspired SAW here, and my Superhero themed SAW here.

All of the space themed printables I designed for this event are available for purchase here.

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  1. Becky P. - April 6, 2014

    I was so excited to see what you came up with this year. Every year so far has been out of this world. You must have an extremely large budget to be able to accomplish so much. Just great ideas, thanks again and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year. When your kids move on from the school, the staff will go into mourning, I am sure.

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