Creating a Photo Storybook for your Children

Creating a Photo Storybook for your Children

Some of the greatest gifts I have ever given my girls are their photo storybooks. They are not just photo books, oh no! (OK, they kind of are.) They are photo books written to be read like an age appropriate storybook. I started this tradition almost five years ago with Zoë, and now Eden is following in her photo and book loving footsteps. Today I am going to show you how I created two similar, but different, photo storybooks for Zoë (7.5) and Eden (3) using iPhoto. I like their medium 8×6 size. It is easy for little hands to hold, and it  accommodates plenty of pictures.

I started out with the cover. Simple enough, right? Then I created Zoë’s storybook in iPhoto. Here are a few of the pages. It is the story of our cruise, from Zoë’s point of view, using words that she is able to easily read, and detail that she will appreciate.

Now I am going to show you something really cool. Ready?

Duplicate. Learn it. Use it. Duplicate is your friend. To duplicate an album, right click on the album you wish to copy and select duplicate.

I duplicated Zoë’s photo book and customized the photos and story for Eden. Obviously, Eden doesn’t care that “When you step aboard the Disney Dream you are instantly transported to an age of adventure and wonder, where elegance and sophistication mingle with Disney storytelling and whimsy. Lavish decorative murals mingle with sparkling fixtures and furnishings.” She’s three. Her take away from our trip? The cruise ship had pretty chandeliers, she got to sleep on a bunk bed with Zoë, and there were lots of princesses. She isn’t reading yet, but when she starts I want the words to be simple enough for her to sound out, and focus on details and activities that interested her during our vacation.

Here are the Eden versions of Zoë’s pages:

I started creating these books using Inkubook. I am very happy with the quality of their photo books, but I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about the layout options for their drag-and-drop pages. The space between the photos was too large (in my opinion). I like nice tight spacing on these smaller books. While iPhoto is very convenient and I like their layout options, I have never ever found a coupon code for their photo books. I find that annoying. Still, with 20-page photo books starting at $9.99, they are still an affordable option.

I also discovered that Flickr is an wonderful resource for photos. I stumbled upon this amazing Flickr stream with gorgeous detail photos of the Disney Dream (the ship we were on) and the shows. Note: Before you download images from Flickr make sure that the owner has granted permission to do so. Kelly and I only brought our iPhones on the trip and it honestly hadn’t occurred to me to take detail shots. They were the perfect addition to the girls’ story books!

There you have it! Considering how much Eden loves her Legoland storybook, I anticipate making many more of these in the future. I also like that they are saved on my computer for easy duplication in case something happens to the first cherished copy.

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