Photo Bomb

Last weekend was very possibly the best weekend of my entire year. My Dad and WSM (otherwise known as Papa and Nano) flew in for the long weekend, and my brother and his family drove down from Bellingham to celebrate Dad’s 60th birthday. Our house was ear splitting chaos for three days and it was fabulous. My girls adore their cousins and they play so well together.

We only see Papa and Nano every few years so this weekend was very special. Being the scrapbooker that I am, I took pictures and more pictures. I only have two pictures of Eden with Nano and Papa, and there aren’t any of my niece and nephew with them, which is completely unacceptable. I made it my mission to get some pictures of everyone together.

Enter my little brother.

He does little brother very well, even at 30+ years old. First, he tried to wipe off my color coded calendar, but my chalk marker wouldn’t rub off. Ha! Next, he rearranged all the bins in my pantry. Stinker.

Then this…

IMG 2371 web Photo Bomb

I threatened his life and was able to get one decent shot.

IMG 2378 web Photo Bomb

Do you think he’d had enough? Oh no.

IMG 2391 web Photo Bomb

By this time I got smart and stopped counting down before I took the picture.

IMG 2390 web Photo Bomb

Life is certainly more entertaining with Ryan around, but he is such a turd sometimes! LOL!


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