One Hardcore Brother.

Hardcore or crazy. I am not quite sure.  I am talking about my dear brother Ryan.  During Zoë's nap today I drove down to Seatac to watch his rugby game.  Now rugby is pretty rough anyway.  So rough that last year he broke his nose and split his head open.  This year he tore something in his leg and last week broke a rib.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Last week he broke a rib and this week he was right back out there playing.  The boy is hardcore…or crazy.  I wanted to pass out just watching him get tackled today. Ouch!!!

I was watching him out on the field and trying to remember the last time I actually RAN anywhere, and I truly can't remember.  it's just not my thing.  I don't run unless wild animals are chasing me.  Here is a picture of the two of us at Harry's birthday party last month (Ryan's little boy).  It is one of my new favorites.

img 1045 One Hardcore Brother.
For those of you skimming this entry, let me just clarify that this is me and my BROTHER.  Every time I post a layout of him people tell me how cute my husband is.  Ick! Don't get me wrong, he is a cutie, but he is my brother!

2pg flip side One Hardcore Brother.

Here is a layout that I did of him last year.  The journalling reads:
My little brother Ryan has always been the brave and adventuresome one
out of the two of us. He is very athletic and always willing to try
something new. He was never one to sit still, even as a child. Take now for instance, he loves to play rugby on the weekend. You would NEVER
catch me running up and down a field trying not to get tackled for
“fun.” It just won’t happen. I would much rather sit at my laptop
scrapbooking and drink a cup of tea.

This trip to the lake was no different. If it were possible, Ryan would
have been out on the boat the entire weekend. He LOVES to ski and wake board. Personally, I hate crashing and getting water up my nose,
so I just don’t do it. But not my little brother. Oh no! He has spent
many a weekend not just skiing/boarding… but practicing doing flips.
I am perfectly content being the one who takes the pictures.

We are complete opposites, but still a part of each other. Like flip sides of a coin.

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