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I have decided to merge our many family blogs into one…this one. (I am the one who does the posting after all, so mine stays. Ha!) I used to post family/kid posts on the family blog and Zoë tidbits on her blog, but I just don't have time for that anymore. Everything is now going to reside here. You have been warned. LOL!

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Each week Zoë's teacher, Stephen, sends an email to the parents letting them know what has been going on in class. (Very handy since Zoë tells me basically zip.) Here is today's email:

We had Vicky Edmonds and Julie Bergevin help us write poems on Tuesday. This year and last year they have spent an hour talking about what poetry is and then lead individuals in making poems using some prompts. The images the children generate are often moving and creative. They will be collected (you can keep the original that came home yesterday) and used in some context in the auction. (I will scan and post the poem soon.)

We read a couple of books last week and this week about tomtens , which are little Scandanavian elf-like creatures that look after the farm during cold nights, and are never seen by people (though their tracks in the snow are proof they were there). It led to a discussion of pretend and real, with many perspectives, and some contradictory. As one child said, “They’re not real. They’re not.” I asked how she knew. “Cause when they come into my room while I’m sleeping they look at my face and when I wake up they jump up, and they don’t really have feet. They freak me out.” Understandably. But it begs the question of how fours distinguish between pretend and real. We have been discussing this, now with the aid of a chart, and I emphasized at the beginning that we would not all think the same thing, and that I was GLAD we didn’t all think the same thing. Tolerance of other perspectives is what I promote. And so the conversation is rich and diverse and consistency is not highly valued, as it will be by age six or seven. This is an especially vivid topic at this time of year, what with all the flying reindeer (real—“I saw it in a book”).

As soon as I read, "It freaked me out." I was 99% sure that Stephen was talking about Zoë in his note, so I sent him an email to see if I was right. He replied, "Yes, you are correct. Zoe’s comments are a deep and valuable source of amusement to me. I hate it when she’s absent. She just told Nancy, “Oops, my bad.” (Nancy is the librarian.)

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 Notes From the Teacher...
And now for Miss Eden. Hehehe. (I warned you!) She turned three months old yesterday. THREE MONTHS! I can't believe it. I know I keep saying this but she is just as sweet as can be. She smiles and gurgles all the time and has started squealing when she is really happy. We seem to have the gas/acid reflux under control. Not better, just managed by medication. Her pediatrician upped the dosage of Zantac yesterday and that seems to have stopped the increasing spit-up. (Good times.) Eden absolutely LOVES her Daddy. We were all snuggling in bed last weekend watching cartoons. I was holding Eden and she was lunging for her Daddy with her legs. She was doing everything she could to get to him. Kelly has some sort of magic baby power. He rocks her in the recliner and she goes right to sleep. I try the exact same thing and it never works. What gives? Like I said, magic baby powers. Eden is now in 3-6 months clothes, which means that I can now coordinate hers and Zoë's outfits. I am in Mommy heaven. I weighed her this morning and she is 12.8 lbs. What else? We thought we would give her some formula especially for gassy and fussy babies. (Being dosed with Mylecon and Zantac all day every day can't be good.) The formula was a no-go. She broke into a rash over her entire body. Needless to say, the formula went directly into the garbage. Oh, here is one more fun little tidbit. Eden sucks her knuckles, not her fingers, the knuckle of her pointer finger (on both hands.) Funny kid. It is all red and rough looking. Her pediatrician recommended putting non-flavored Crisco on her hands to coat the irritated area. I never thought I would hear that from a doctor. LOL!

And with that I am off to bed. Peace out.

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