Needed: Crystal Ball

Just when I thought I had Zoë's school all figured out, the stupid school district had to go and throw a monkey wrench into my plans. At the Parent's Coffee Hour last week we were all informed that there would only be one 1/2 day kindergarten class next fall, and that it may or may not be an AM class. Oh, and that they would let us know sometime this summer what their decision would be.

Why is this a problem? Zoë still naps. And trust me, her little body needs them. She is truly a joy to be around, unless she is tired, then you better watch yourself. Needless to say, school from 12:30-3:00 is not a good idea for her.

I was also frustrated to hear that the goals for the kindergarten class were: learn their ABC's and the sounds they make, counting, and writing their name. Zoë can already do all of those things. She has been able to do them for over a year.

So picture if you will a tired Zoë, going into a classroom with roughly twice the number of classmates she is used to, already tired, and being "taught" all of the skills she already knows. I don't see that going well. In fact, I can see her very quickly deciding that she doesn't like school, much like her father did when HE was in kindergarten.

We honestly don't know what to do. I spoke with the head of admissions at her current school and do still have a few openings in the 1/2 day kindergarten class. The catch? We have to sign her up NOW because the class is almost full, and if we do that then we are committed to TLS for the 2009-2010 school year. Then what happens if it turns out that the public kindergarten is an AM class? Ugh.


What else? I took Eden in for allergy testing a few days ago. I am happy to report that she does not have any allergies to milk, wheat, soy or nuts. So why does formula make her break out into a full body rash or turn into a tomato? The doctor said that she is probably formula "intolerant" very much like adults can be lactose intollerant. It isn't necessarily an allergy, it just doesn't agree with her. Not very helpful is it? Nope. His suggestion was to try soy formula and see what happens. We shall see. I really don't want to test that out on her for fun, you know?

On to happier news, Becky is going to be with our family indefinitely. WHOO HOO!!! That almost deserves a post of it's very own. We all adore her. The thought of her leaving practically brings me to tears. Kelly decided that since he has gotten into the habit of working until about 4am every day and is essentially no help, that we should just keep her. He is the bestest husband EVER.

I'll be back soon! I've been scrapping up a storm and have some exciting news to share! For now, my disaster of an office requires cleaning.

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