My Baby and Her Baby

Quite a few of my friends have been taking monthly baby+bear photos of their newborns. I think that is just the cutest idea and fully intend on copying it, but with a twist, Eden+baby doll. Zoë brought her a soft and cuddly baby doll at the hospital and Eden loves it. I have been taking the photos but slacked off on the whole posting to the blog thing. Oops. I need to get these monthly milestones posted before I forget. Time goes so quickly with newborns. You kind of forget when they learned each new skill or tried something new unless you write it down.

Looking at these pictures I think I need to choose a new location for the photo shoots. The dark leather chair doesn't really show you Eden's hair. She has SO much of it. She actually has pigtails in the two month pictures but you can't see them. Grrrrr.

 My Baby and Her Baby
Eden is the sweetest sleepiest baby. We actually took her to the doctor because she was sleeping so much and thought there must me something wrong with her (she was awake for about 3 hours a day, tops.) As it turns out Eden's sleepiness was completely normal, unlike her sister who had to be moving constantly. She caught her first cold at one week old (thank you preschool germs) and again at three weeks old. Around three weeks old she also started having problems with gas and was VERY uncomfortable. Despite that, she is still as sweet as can be. The sleepiness makes it almost impossible to nurse her, so instead I am pumping. Joy. Eden also has extremely sensitive skin. We wash all our clothes in Method: Free & Clear laundry detergent. We ran out and Kelly couldn't find any at the store so instead he bought Dreft for the kiddos and Wisk for us. Well, Eden's face broke out horribly just from rubbing her face on our clothing while she was being fed. I truly thought her skin might be scarred because the breakout was so severe. We rewashed everything with Method and her skin seems to be clearing up now.

 My Baby and Her Baby
The gas problems seem to be under control, but now Eden is suffering from acid reflux. My poor little baby. Sleeping in her vibrating chair seems to remedy the situation. The doctor put her on Zantac and prescribed a sleeping wedge (which Eden hates and refuses to sleep on.) She started smiling at 6 weeks old and give us all big smiles when she wakes up. She is awake for longer periods during the day and sleeps for longer periods at night, usually waking around 11pm and 3am for a bottle then goes right back to sleep, God bless her. She LOVES bath time. We actually had to place her baby tub inside the larger bath tub because she spashes so much and gets water everywhere. The also is a huge fan of her floor play mat. She stares up at the animals and swats at them. Speaking of staring up at things, she will sit in her vibrating chair (in her crib) and watch her mobile spin around for a good twenty minutes at a time.

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