Month Two of “Twelve”

February was a rough month at our house. I am so ready for warm weather and spring flowers, and for the cold weather and germs to be gone. Eden was stay-in-bed-with-a-high-fever (and double ear infection) sick for a solid week, and of course wanted her mommy with her 24/7. On the plus side, while she slept and/or watched Barbie: A Perfect Christmas over and over, I was able to finish my digital 2009 P365 album. That is 6 months worth of layouts, my friends! I have never been this productive EVER.

LIP2009web Month Two of Twelve

Here is the completed album, if you are interested. (Make sure you select “Click to See Full Screen” for easier viewing.) My timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I finished the photo book up just in time to take advantage of Inkubook’s 45% off sale. Sweet! I now have 2009 and 2010 safely tucked away for Zoë and Eden when the graduate, or get married. I haven’t decided yet.

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No, I still haven’t been following the “Twelve” lesson plan, but I am loving the class. The daily inspiration emails from Stacy have been giving me some excellent layout ideas (that I have been jotting down, by category). I also created a “Twelve” playlist on my phone and have been listening to the audio messages in the car while I run errands. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?! I’m actually all caught up at the moment and have been enjoying them so much that I am going to download The Paperclipping Digi Show podcast. I’ve heard great things about it but never listened. What are your favorite podcasts?

I also tackled my “Photos I Love” albums in Feburary. I have never printed any of my favorite photos. Isn’t that terrible? I took advantage of the 8×8 sale at Persnickety Prints and ordered 95 photos! They aren’t scrapbooked in any way, simply slid into the page protectors. Most of the photos don’t have a particular story attached to them, they just happen to be photos that I love of my family. For those that do have a special story, I am going to write the story down and slip it behind the photo with a ribbon attached to make it easy for people to pull out the journaling.

Tune in tomorrow and I will tell you why I haven’t bothered to print out my favorite photos until now. icon wink Month Two of Twelve

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