Month One of “Twelve.”

I am taking Stacy Julian’s “Twelve” class at Big Picture Classes this year. The idea behind the class is scrapbooking twelve layouts for each month of 2012. That is 144 layouts! I don’t think I scrapped 144 layouts in 2008-2011 combined. Ever since having Eden my scrapbooking time has been almost exclusively focused on my Life in Photos/P365/Photo-a-Day/Project Life album. While I still love my Life in Photos albums (and fully intend on continuing) there are many stories that have gone untold. Stories that deserve more than one photo and a tiny paragraph in our yearly album.

Enter Twelve.

Registration is closed for Twelve, but if Stacy ever offers the class again I whole heartedly recommend it. Her passion and enthusiasm for scrapbooking is infectious. You cannot help but be excited! Each week she focuses on a different topic to inspire the class and get our creative juices flowing. I have been more productive this month than I was all of last year.

So the big question is did I finish twelve layouts? You bet I did! I finished 14 2-page layouts and created 2 42-page photo books for my girls.

That being said, I didn’t exactly follow the class format. The idea for Twelve is that each month we create one layout on each of the following topics: Me, Holidays, Places, Everyday Life, Rituals, Inspiration, Personality, Things, Family Stories, Seasons, and Fun. I fully intended to. I made lists of layouts I plan to create for each topic. I have pictures edited and tagged to use, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. I simply could not focus on my twelve topics this month because I really, really want to finish up my 2009 and 2011 Life in Photos albums. If I can’t focus on a layout I end up dinking around in Photoshop moving photos and embellishments around and getting nothing accomplished. Does that happen to you?

In 2009 I jumped on the Project Life train. I love the concept. LOVE IT! I bought the kit and I was all ready to go. I was very dedicated to taking a photo each day, I still am. What I had trouble with was getting my  journaling done. I am just not a paper scrapbooker anymore. What I ended up with was an album with 365 of photos from 2009 and 365 days of journaling on my photo blog. Last year I began the process of combining my photos and journaling and created/printed layouts up through March. The rest of the album has sat empty. Creating the layouts is really fast because I am using the same templates I used in 2010 (and 2011). I simply insert the pictures and copy/paste the journaling from my blog. Soooo, long story long, I worked on those pages this month and finished up to the beginning of June. Yay! Here are a few of my layouts. My, how life has changed in two short years!

2009 3 8 14 web Month One of Twelve.

2009 3 web Month One of Twelve.

2009 4 22 28 web Month One of Twelve.

2009 6 1 7 web Month One of Twelve.

I also wanted to make photo books for my girls of the Disney Cruise we took last month. Instead of creating layouts (which I am planning to do, or maybe a photo book for the family…) I created 6×8 photo books in iPhoto for Zoë and Eden. I made a photo book for Eden of our trip to Legoland last year and she loves it. She sleeps with it, carries it around the house, and reads it pretty much every night. It is one of her favorite books. She looks at her little photo book so much more than she ever would our “Places We Go” scrapbook. (More about the photo books tomorrow.)

cruise photobooks Month One of Twelve.

So there you have it! Twelve is one of the best classes I have ever taken. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be excited about scrapbooking again. I haven’t been excited about scrapbooking for years. Dedicated to taking my daily photo and telling our story, yes. But not always excited about the process. Now, I cannot wait to sit down at night and get scrapping!

Thank you, Stacy.

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