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We have now lived in the Seattle area for two years now.  Two years. I can hardly believe it.  They say that time flies when you are having fun and it is sure true. It seems like just yesterday that we moved here.  When we moved over here Zoë was less than a year old.  She wasn't even walking yet.  Now she is almost three and yesterday was walking around humming "Swan Lake."  *sniff*

Ever since we discovered downtown Kirkland a few weeks ago we have been on the look out for a new house.  Not that we are going to be moving any time soon, but we are casually looking.  Moving is such a pain in the…well, you know… that we are not going to do it unless we find the perfect house.  There isn't much on the market that can top our current home.  Really, it is all about location.  If we could pick up our townhouse and move it we would. 

Last week we went and looked at another townhouse near downtown Kirkland.  Kelly had a home owner's association meeting last Monday (he is the treasurer) and a fellow board member mentioned that she (she is a Realtor) was getting a property ready to put on the market that sounded perfect for us.  It was beautiful and had amazing upgrades done to the home, but there was no place for a home office and although it was close to downtown Kirkland, you had to walk through an industrial area to get there.  No thanks.  I have a feeling that this is going to take a while, but that is OK.

While we were touring the home, Debbie Lynn (the Realtor) asked us if our townhouse was market ready.  I had never heard of this before.  Kelly said yes.  I said, I don't know.  Since we decided not to purchase the other home Kelly dismissed her comment but I have been obsessing over it.  Market Ready.  It just so happened that I found "Designed to Sell" while I was laid out with my cold.  I set a season pass on our TIVO and went to town.  I have since watched about five episodes and it is fascinating.  I had no idea that people redecorated and painted their homes before putting them on the market.  Not a clue!  Obviously, one would fix anything that needed to be repaired and touch up any scuffs on the walls, but completely redecorate? 

I must say, it sure does make a difference.  I will also say that our home is most definitely NOT market ready.  We would have to repaint Zoë's room.  As much as she adores her castle and family tree on the wall, potential buyers probably would not.  The designer on the show made a good point, People need to be able to see themselves living in your home.  They can't do that if it is filled up with your personable belongings, such as pictures.  Then there is the whole issue of the huge burn mark on our counter from where I left a candle burning over night…..How the heck do you refinish a counter top?  It's a good thing that we aren't in any rush.

I can't have a boring blog post with no pictures so I will show you the cute little banner I put together for Zoë's blog.  I redecorated it for spring.  Now if I were just better about posting on it….
springbanner Market Ready

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