Life without Photoshop

Last week was a loooong week.  I never realized how much I used Photoshop until I didn’t have it.  Scrapbooking aside, I use it to edit photos, minimize photos for the web…you name it.  Thankfully, Laura posted a comment that saved my sanity.  (Thank you Laura!)

ripped box Life without Photoshop
She told me about iView Media Pro 3.  That is the software she uses to organize all of her digital scrapbooking supplies on her Mac.  It absolutely rocks.  I downloaded the free trial and happily organized my files while I waited (not so patiently) for Photohop to arrive.  I am not saying that I am even close to done categorizing everything, but it gave me something to do other than clean.  If you are looking for a software package to organize your goodies I highly recommend iView Media Pro 3.  It has gotten rave reviews among the critics and if you buy iView quickly you will get a free upgrade to Expressions Media when it is released.  The best part? It works on PC AND Mac.

Dang. I had so much more to tell you but Zoë is waking up from her nap. The nerve of her. icon wink Life without Photoshop  I will be back after my super fun birthday dinner at Chuck E. Cheese.  Why am I so excited to go to Chuck E. Cheese, you ask?  We promised Zoë she could go there once she filled up her potty chart with stickers.  That is right. I am making it official.  Zoë is potty trained.  That is the best birthday present EVER.

If you would like to see some Easter photos and a video clip of Zoë’s Easter egg hunt you can pop on over to our family blog and take a peek.  No use posting them in two places, you know?

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