Family Movie Night: Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens may have been our favorite FMN of the entire year. Not because of the movie (which was fun) but because we got to watch it with our favorite Birrs. We were in Spokane to celebrate Grandpa Birr's 60th birthday and I brought along some movie night supplies. You can't watch a movie with no props or treats. That's just crazy talk! 

 Family Movie Night: Monsters vs. Aliens

Thankfully, since the movie had recently been released on DVD there were all sorts of Monsters vs. Aliens props to choose from. I found some eye ball candy during Halloween which made perfect "Bob" treats when paired with blue jello. I also found coloring books at Michael's, and would you believe that Carl's Jr. had toys that coordinated? (If you ask nicely they will sell you the toys without the meals.) It's like all the stars were aligned for us. icon smile Family Movie Night: Monsters vs. Aliens

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