Family Movie Night: Kit Kittredge

Over the last few months Zoë has started branching out and watching non-cartoon movies. It has been such a nice chance. She is such a sensitive little soul and many of the "big kid" movies frighten or bore her. Kit Kittredge did neither. We loved it. Zoë has recently become obsessed with American Girl dolls and books and was thrilled when I told her that there was an American Girl movie!

 Family Movie Night: Kit Kittredge
As luck would have it, the chairs that we ordered for the library arrived the day of FMN so Zoë and Eden decorated their "clubhouse" for the movie. We enjoyed chocolate chip cookies before the movie along with goldfish crackers that I folded in cloth napkins and attached to little tent poles. (Thanks for the idea, Shannon!) I also gave the girls tiny notepads to take notes during the movie, like a reporter.

My favorite line of the night was from Kelly after Zoë asked him what the depression was. His response? "Honey, the depression took place when Nana was Kit's age. Back then the economy was a little bit better then it is today." Nice.

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