Christmas Awesomeness (I’m sure that’s a word)

Look what I found on Cathy's blog this morning!!! The Feed the World video! This is one of my very favorite Christmas songs. I had no idea there was a video. Look at all that hair! This makes my whole day happy. Enjoy!

Good stuff. I didn't realize it was such an old song! Now I must go look for a "We Are the World" video on You-Tube. That song always reminds me of Christmas time when I was in Kindergarten. The song came out the same time that my horribly mean mother took my blankey away and told me that she gave it to the starving children in Ethiopia. I won't lie. I was really pissed at the Ethiopian children. Thankfully, my awesome little brother found my blankey stashed in the back of a closet and returned it to me. Hmph! (I still have it. It is in my closet for safe keeping.)

I will be back with Thanksgiving pictures soon. I have to go pick up my new area rug and throw pillows before Miss Zoë gets home from school. After three days of a fever, she is finally well and went to school today. Woo Hoo!!!

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