What To Do With Christmas Cards

What To Do With Christmas Cards

I love receiving Christmas cards. Love it! I love hearing from our family and friends and seeing photos of their children. The holiday season is the one time of year  I regularly check our mailbox. I kid you not. I usually head out to the box only after our grumpy mail man knocks on the door to tell me that the he cannot force another piece of junk mail into the box. (All of our bills are mailed directly to our bill payor service. 98% off all mail we receive is literally junk mail.) Each year, the cards we receive…

Baby Life

Baby Life was the first sub-category of Life in Photos I created. The most frequent comment I heard about my School of Life collection was, “I wish you had something like this for my baby!” and I completely agreed. I wished I had something like that for my baby. When Zoë was an only child I had hours of free time to scrap every single adorable thing she did, and every single adorable picture I took of her. She has two volumes of “All About Zoë” albums. Then came Eden. It is true what they say about your second child…

{Product Review} Becky Higgins Page Protectors

{Product Review} Becky Higgins Page Protectors

I have been a huge Becky Higgins fan since the moment I opened Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking. Fast forward a few years to Project Life. Simplicity + Scrapbooking. Does it really get any better? I used Project Life for my 2009 POTD album, but I had a terrible time keeping up with journalling on the cards. What can I say? I am a digital girl. Still, I love the concept and I *LOVE* her new products. Guess what? Becky just released PAGE PROTECTORS. Every scrapper needs page protectors and I am all about supporting a work-at-home scrapping momma. Photos simply…

Living with Your Photos  The Select Few

Living with Your Photos The Select Few

A few months ago I read a fantastic blog post by Stacy Julian about photo anxiety, here is an excerpt: “We tend to assign an immense amount of value to photos because in the past, they have been rare and therefore extremely valuable. In other words, 12,000 photos are not as valuable as twelve. Stop and think about that for a minute. If you had only twelve photos from your childhood, they would automatically (regardless of their quality) be valuable–they are all you have. 12,000 photos are not individually valuable, until you assign value to a few of them.” Stacy’s blog post really struck a…

Living with Your Photos… Digitally!

Yesterday I mentioned that I only print photos that are included in my scrapbook layouts. I am fairly certain that I heard a collective horrified gasp of readers when they finished that sentence. LOL! Let me assure you, my photos are not living a sad, neglected existence on my hard drive… they are one finger swipe away. Actually, a good portion of them are in my back pocket 24/7. Well, 16/7… I don't sleep with my photos. I'm not a complete weirdo. Let's rewind a few years, shall we? In fact, let's rewind to 1997, my freshman year of college….