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Baby Life

Baby Life was the first sub-category of Life in Photos I created. The most frequent comment I heard about my School of Life collection was, “I wish you had something like this for my baby!” and I completely agreed. I wished I had something like that for my baby. When Zoë was an only child I had hours of free time to scrap every single adorable thing she did, and every single adorable picture I took of her. She has two volumes of “All About Zoë” albums. Then came Eden. It is true what they say about your second child…

BIG news at Scrapaholics

BIG news at Scrapaholics

I have been working on a secret project with someone special for almost a year now. You may have heard of her… I am thrilled to announce that Stacy Julian‘s new line of digital templates are now available exclusively at Scrapaholics. You already know that I am a huge Library of Memories enthusiast. I have blogged about it many, many times now. I have an entire store dedicated to it. I’m a super fan and I am totally OK with that. The more the merrier I say. You can imagine my surprise when last spring, out of the blue, Stacy called…

Living with Your Albums The Toddler Edition

Creating a scrapbook page is so much fun. I love the entire process: deciding on a photo or photos, choosing a story to share, looking through my supplies to find just the right paper and embellishments… I create layouts to share with my family. My girls are welcome to go into the library at any time and spread our albums out all over the floor. The album spines are another story. I'll admit it. I like my albums looking pretty.  Enter Eden. You may have seen photos of my albums. They looked like this until Eden started crawling and walking….

Library of Memories – Take Two

I took the Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking last year and LOVED it. Honestly, it was the best money I have ever spent on scrapbooking. Stacy Julian is my hero. I mean really, it combines organizing AND scrapbooking. Two words synonymous with Maegan. (Just as my mom about the time I took pictures of the contents of my kitchen cabinets and drawers and made a reference poster in my pantry.) I was thrilled to find out that any alumni could take the 2009 session for FREE! Yes, I remember everything I learned last year, but there is…