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  • Maegan

    Digital Scrapbooking is Good for the Planet

    If you have been over to the Scrapaholics Facebook page, you may have noticed that we are going green for Earth Day!

    That’s not all. To celebrate Earth Day (one of my favorite days of the year) the entire shop is 20% off for today only. Spread the word! After all, digital scrapbooking is GOOD for the planet!

    Top Reasons Why Digital Scrapbooking Is Good For The Planet:

    1. You can re-use digital paper over and over again! Not only is that good for the planet, it is good for the pocketbook.

    2. You can share layouts with the click of the mouse. No duplicate layouts required.

    3. The only supply required is a computer.

    4. You only use one piece of paper to create a layout (when you print it). Just think of how many trees you are saving!

    Enjoy Earth Day! I am off to recycle some batteries, plant a garden, and watch School House Rock: Earth with my little ladies. What do you have planned?

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  • Maegan

    Snapshot #1


    Outside my window: Overcast but thankfully, no rain. Of course, it is springtime Seattle so in 20 minutes we could have blue skies and sun or a downpour.

    Our daffodils are in bloom and surprisingly the primroses that Gardener Dave planted last year survived the winter and are looking lovely along the driveway. At least the yellows ones are. I need to get a few more colors to add some more variety. With the daffodils and primroses the front yard is looking very yellow at the moment.

    I am thinking: …that I need to make a to-do list so that I can focus and get some things accomplished today. I have so many projects that I want to work on and doing a little bit of each of them isn’t getting anything done.

    I am thankful: …that Eden is feeling better. She had a cold this week and this is the second one that went straight into her chest and resulted in breathing treatments. Hearing her wheeze is scary. It’s all I can do not to sit by the baby monitor and listen to her breathe all night.

    I am wearing: Jeans and one of my favorite tops from Ann Taylor loft. I really should get ready for the day at some point. It is 11am and I have yet to do my hair or put on any make up. I’m going to be holed up in the office all day. Who do I need to impress?

    Dinner plans: Thursday is breakfast for dinner night. Whoo! About a month ago we sat down as a family and came up with a dinner schedule to avoid some of the challenges we have been faced with. (Our girls like basically the opposite foods. Zoë likes plain. Eden won’t eat anything plain. Zoë only eats chicken. Eden refuses to eat chicken.)

    Our dinner schedule looks like this:
    Monday – Salsbury steak night. Zoë decided that she didn’t like salsbury steak anymore so we have been winging it on Mondays.
    Tuesday – Taco night (The girls eat quesidillas)
    Wednesday – Greek night! (My favorite)
    Thursday – Breakfast for dinner
    Friday – Chicken nuggets or fish sticks for the girls. Date night for the adults.
    Saturday – Sushi
    Sunday – Pasta

    Favorite snack of the moment: Hummus + Special K cracker chips. My friend Tami introduced me to them a few weeks ago and I *love* them. They are so hard to find though. I am out and I can’t find them in stock anywhere!

    I am hoping: That Kelly will get home before the girls go to bed tonight. He got home from the office at 10:30pm last night and then worked from home until 4:30am. I am so proud of him but the man works too hard.

    On my mind: Kelly and I decided to remove all traces of the color spice from our home about a month ago. We had an interior designer come in just after we moved to help us come up with a color scheme for our house. True, spice compliments the cherry molding perfectly. True, spice compliments the art work we had in place and worked with our rustic Italian theme, but we just don’t like it!

    I have been on a mission to find new curtains for our kitchen eating area (which are…. you guess it… spice!) Nothing seems to work. I am also trying to brighten up the house with fun bursts of color and get rid of everything brown. I have already warned Kelly that any brown accessories (lamps, artwork, etc) are fair game. I bought four cans of spray paint yesterday and I am ready to roll. Now to work up the courage to actually DO it.

    Noticing that: I should probably wear gloves when I spray paint. Some of my fingernails are teal.

    In the kitchen: Both girls are at school and our housekeeper Liz just came so the kitchen is spotless. Give it a few hours. LOL! We love Liz, especially Eden. She calls her Miss Wizz. <3

    On my desk: I actually cleaned it this morning. It is looking 100x better than it was. Right now I have some cards to mail, EHD, some cases for our 2009 home movies to remind me to burn the discs.

    On my frequent playlist: My “Glee station” on Pandora, although I have noticed that it isn’t as good as it used to be. Does anyone else have that problem with Pandora? When I listen to the “Glee station” on my iPhone the music is fabulous. On my computer, it is definitely going down hill. Weird.

    One of my favorite things: Extra Dessert Delights – Mint Chocolate Chip gum. Delish!

    A photo I love at this moment: I definitely need to frame this, or maybe turn it into a card. <3

     Snapshot #1

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