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  • Maegan

    Cookies on the Brain

    My house is FILLED with cases and cases of Girl Scout Cookies. I got suckered into volunteered to be the cookie mom for Zoë’s troop this year. I have been in cookie mode ever since I picked up the 150 cases, not boxes, cases of cookies, two weeks ago. I am not kidding you, I would not have been able to squeese one more case into my car. Thank God I only had to drive a mile back to our house.

     Cookies on the Brain

    In all honesty, the cookie mom bit is not what is taking up so much time. It is the fact that my sweet and enthusiastic Girl Scout has sold 600 boxes of cookies! She is just 150 boxes away from her goal of 750.

    You may be asking, “How on earth did she sell so many cookies?!” She is very determined and we have done quite a bit of door knocking. Last week she sold cookies at the little cafe in Kelly’s office building, then we all jumped in the car and drove to Spokane to deliver pre-ordered cookies. I am kicking myself for not bringing a few more cases because I am sure we would have sold them at Kelly’s Spokane office. Dang!

    So, long story not so short, my house is going to be filled with cookies for three more weeks. Not that I’m complaining. There are Samoas everywhere I look. Mmmmmmm! Before we started deliveries I had to take a picture of Zoë with all her cookies. These are just her cookies, not the troops cookies. She sold more cookies than all the other Daisies combined. That’s my girl!

     Cookies on the Brain

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  • Maegan

    Good Things Come In Three’s

    Number One:

    Remember a few months ago when I said that I was *almost* done with my School of Life templates? Well guess what? I am THRILLED to present not only templates but an entire School of Life Collection

     Good Things Come In Threes
    I very rarely, if ever, go back and remake completed layouts. I have hundreds of pictures that need to be scrapped, why remake pages? I made an exception with Zoë's School of Life album because a) I want to use the same format each year for her entire school career; and b) it is the most loved album in our library. It needed to contain the most precious photos and details. The previous design didn't provide enough space for journaling or photos (in my opinion).

    I love, love, love how Zoë's album is coming along. I was as happy as a clam when the layouts I ordered from Persnickety Prints arrived today. I'll post pictures of the actual album tomorrow. I just need to finish assembling/filling the pocket pages. For now, here is a look at the templates in action. Please forgive the oversaturated GIF. I promise, the papers don't look like that IRL. 

    To celebrate the entire School of Life collection is 20% until Valentine's Day. Never say I don't love my blog readers. Heck, I'm just happy there are some of you left! 

    Number Two:

    Scrapaholics got a facelift! Amanda Kay did a fabulous job on my new shopping cart system and put up with me. (I've been told I am a bit of a perfectionist.) I couldn't be happier with the end result. If you ever need a shopping cart or gallery installed or are looking for a graphic designer, Amanda is your girl. I give her five stars!

    Please note: You will need to create a new account in the new shopping cart. I was not able to import the data from our old shopping cart system.

    Number Three:

    Scrapaholics now has a gallery!!! Feel free to upload your layouts (using at least 25% Scrapaholics products) in the new gallery or just browse the layouts to get your creative juices flowing.

    Please note: The gallery and shopping cart have separate systems so you will need to register before you can upload any layouts.

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