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  • Maegan

    Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

    I had the privilege of co-hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Marie, last weekend. She and her husband John are keeping the baby’s name a secret (much to my annoyance) and have instead been calling him “Thing.” I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Thing” I think of Dr. Seuss, thus the shower theme was born. I went searching for some online inspiration and found some amazing Dr. Seuss themed showers.

    I have never co-hosted a shower before, but it worked out really well. I was able to focus on what I do best (design) and they took care of the rest (food, games, guest list). Would you like to see the invitation? I am so pleased with how it turned out.

     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

    This invitation is now available for purchase (without the Dr. Seuss characters) in my shop, Simply Styled Home on Etsy.

    The color scheme for the shower was red and teal so I got to work on collecting all sorts of goodies to decorate. I found a rainbow of paper lanterns, feather boas, flowers, ribbon, you name it. I even found “Thing 1″ onesies and a “Cat in the Hat” hat!

    Marie and I both love taking pictures and one of my gifts to her was pictures of her shower. Lots and lots of pictures. I set up a little “photo booth” area at the shower that I stocked with boas, flowers, a hat and a teal frame.

     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

    Fun, right?! After I took each guests photo, I had them write down some advice and/or tips for the Mommy-To-Be on 4×6 cards that I designed and printed ahead of time.

     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

    I paired the photo of each guest with their advice and creating a baby shower album for Marie. Click HERE to see the album in detail and read about how I put it all together.

    In addition to the invitation and advice cards, I also created all sorts of Dr. Seuss-y goodness for the shower. I bought “The Cat in the Hat” for each guest to write a message to the baby in (and made a sign). I also counted and made a sign for the “Guess How Many Jelly Bean” game. (There were 593 in case you were wondering.) The jelly bean printable is available for purchase here.

     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower
    Let’s not forget about the food. Marie’s mom and Angela made a ton of delicious food, and I made….. the signs! (Shocking, I know.) They are available for purchase here.

     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower
     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

    Now for desserts! Lizz and Shannon really outdid themselves. Lizz made the most darling (and yummy) “Thing 1″ cupcakes, complete with cotton candy hair, and Shannon made the Seuss-y parfaits and designed a gorgeous dessert table. It really was the perfect touch to the shower. Everyone was raving about it. Good job ladies!

     Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

    This Dr. Seuss Baby shower has made quite the digital splash! It has been featured at:

    Design Dazzle
    Celebrations at Home
    Creative Baby Shower Ideas

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  • Maegan

    A Weekend Getaway

    There is one problem with having a husband who is constantly out of town on business trips: The last thing he wants to do during his down time is travel. Why is this a problem? I do! Don't get me wrong, I like hanging out at home with the family, but once in a while it is nice to getaway for a few days. Kelly took pity on me and agreed to a spontaneous trip to Great Wolf Lodge for Valentine's Day. We let the girls open their gifts on Saturday night (matching swimsuits and cover-ups) and at the bottom of Zoë's box was a sign that said, "We Are Going To Great Wolf Lodge" with their logo. She sounded each word out slowly, then repeated it more quickly, then jumped up and down squealing, "We are going to Great Wolf Lodge!!!!!" That is just the kind of response I was hoping for. 

    Kelly and I exchanged gifts as well and I was completely floored when I opened up a waterproof camera. I had no idea. For me, photos are the perfect souvenir. I don't like knick-knacks or cheesy logo t-shirts and I don't need any more coffee mugs. I am very content with a few good shots of my family. Last time we were at Great Wolf Lodge I bought a disposable waterproof camera and not a single photo from the water park turned out. I was so disappointed. My sweet husband remembered that and made sure it wouldn't happen again. I love that man.

    Would you like to see some of the photos from my cool new camera? Yes? OK!

     A Weekend Getaway
    Zoë and Eden playing on the jet ski in the kiddie area

     A Weekend Getaway
    Eden's favorite thing about the entire water park? The balls. Give the girl a ball and she is a happy camper. She bobbed around until her lips were blue, happy as a clam.

     A Weekend Getaway 

    Kelly and Zoë were pretty much inseparable the entire time. They played in the "big kid" area while I stayed with Eden in the "toddler friendly" area.

     A Weekend Getaway
    You remember the matching swimming suits? How cute are they?! We all had bright pink pedicures to match our suits, which you can't see in the picture. Disclaimer: By we, I mean the girls and I. Kelly did not get a pedicure. I thought I should probably mention that. LOL!

     A Weekend Getaway  

    This may be my favorite photo of the trip. Check out that underwater picture! I barely touched it up in Photoshop. I told Zoë that she could bring the camera with her to swimming lessons one of these days. 

     A Weekend Getaway
    We stayed in the Wolf Den suite, which was darling. The girls had their own little "room" that had baby wolves painted all over the place. 

    I have to say, I was much more impressed with Great Wolf Lodge during this trip. Granted the first time we went they had just opened and hadn't had time to work out the bugs, but still. There is a Starbucks inside the hotel now! Sweet! The food is actually good now and they have added healthy food choices to their offerings. The coolest addition? MagiQuest. I fully realize that makes me sound like a big nerd, but I really don't care. We bought wands for both the girls (and princess dresses, of course) and Zoë and I set off on a quest around the hotel. 

     A Weekend Getaway
    The MagiQuest store actually programs your wand with your information and stores information in the wand as your continue on your quest. You get a quest book with clues that take you to almost every floor of the hotel, which is filled with enchanted items that do something magical when you wave your wand at them. Did I mention it was cool?

     A Weekend Getaway
    I would stay at the hotel for another day just so that I could complete all the quests. Like I said, big nerd.

    Eden's favorite part of the water park was the ball. Zoë's was the lily pads. I took a video of her crossing them (from in the pool!) She was so proud of herself. (Click on the photo to start the video.)

    789572050 w6yVr M A Weekend Getaway

    Our combined least favorite part of the trip? She and I going down Alberta Falls (in a two-person tube). Zoë had already gone down twice with Kelly and had a great time. We settled in for our run down the slide. I got in first to stretch across both holes of the tube since she was so tiny that she would slip through. We began zooming down the slide fast enough to give me butterflies then all of a sudden Zoë went flying off the tube and smacked her head on the tunnel! I moved faster than I think I have in my entire life, and grabbed the back of her life jacket before the tube slid over the top of her, and jerked her back on to the tube and into my lap. We finished the run and she was crying and I was shaking uncontrollably. I calmed her down enough to find out what had happened. She let go of the tube so that she could put her goggles on. She let go of the dang tube. Ugh. And I thought Eden was going to give me grey hair.

    All in all, it was a fantastic little vacation. One we will probably be repeating at least every few winters.

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  • Maegan

    Oh Baby!

    I cannot believe that my baby is seventeen months old. Every time I turn around she is showing off a new skill or saying new words. I have been making a list of her milestones on the 10th of each month to keep track, otherwise I will forget. The days and weeks kind of blend together around here.

    At seventeen months Eden says:
    Rice, Night-Night, Mayme-Baby (Our next door neighbor Aimee & Baby Ethan), coat, Wall-E, Nana, Nano, Papa, Sy-Sy, Tay, Wii, Buzz, Woody, Mama, wheats, touch, juice, wa-wa, owl, bubble(s), tattoo, potty, poop, Becky, Bye-Bye, din-din, play, chair, bus and car

     Oh Baby!

    New Milestones/Interests:
    -is starting to put words together to make small sentences
    -kicks/throws balls (obsessed with them)
    -loves to color (Color Wonder markers are awesome!)
    -has mastered the spoon
    -went poo-poo on the potty twice and now insists on wearing Pull-Ups even though she won't go on the potty anymore
    -likes to push the button on her music/light toy at night
    -will point to her mouth, nose, hair, ears and toes when you ask her where they are
    -thinks gas is funny (lovely)
    -is obsessed with bubbles and washing her hands. I haven't decided if I'm proud of her personal hygiene or should be worried that she is going to be totally neurotic.
    -Mimics words
    -is lactose intolerant
    -has 12 teeth
    -loves headbands (the bigger the better) and hats

    Now I just need to make a layout of this list. Ever since Eden turned one I have been selecting my favorite photo of the month, enlarging it, and documenting her milestones right on the photo. It is nice to see some large photos mixed in with the layouts in her scrapbook. I will even throw in a 6×12 or 8.5×11 every once in a while. I'm crazy like that.

     Oh Baby!

     Oh Baby!

    I used my new "Oh Baby!" Word Art to create the layouts. I love the simplicity of favorite photo + month + details. There is no obsessing about where to place embellishments or finding just the right alpha. (You know what I'm talking about…) It is quick and easy, and with a toddler running around, quick and easy are my friends.
     Oh Baby!

    Now for those of you who need a little help in the organizational department, I also have "Oh Baby!" Monthly Milestone templates (4×6)I printed my milestone cards in advance so that I can jot down all of Eden's brilliant new accomplishments as they happen. And how cute would these be as a baby shower gift? Simply create the "Monthly Milestone" pages and slip them into an inexpensive 4×6 brag book. The mommy-to-be can add her baby's photos each month. Voila!
     Oh Baby!

    For mommies who have the photos and the milestones and need to scrap them, I designed a Shutterfly Ready "Monthly Milestone" 5×7 photo book. The best part? You can order one for yourself and extra copies for the grandparents.

     Oh Baby!

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  • Maegan

    Digital scrapbooking is very much like paper scrapbooking, but instead of using paper and hands-on embellishments, you create your layouts in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or a similar software program.

    I converted from paper to digital scrapbooking in 2005, shortly after my oldest daughter was born and never looked back. 

    • I love that all of my supplies are a mouse click away. 
    • I love that I can close my laptop when I am done creating and there is no huge mess to clean up. 
    • I love that I can shop 24/7 online for new digital goodies to inspire me. 
    • I love that I can spell check my journalling. 
    • I love that I can share my layouts easily with friends and family. 
    • I love knowing that all of my layouts are backed up digitally. 
    • I love that I can quickly and easily print extra copies for grandparents. 
    • I love the digital scrapbooking community. 
    • The list goes on and on…

    There are so many amazing resources for digital scrapbookers, both for newbies and for those that can create a clipping mask with their eyes closed. Some of my favorite online resources are:
    You could say that Jessica Sprague introduced digital scrapbooking to the world. Did it exist before Jessica Sprague? Sure. Had anybody ever heard of it? Not really. She created some of the first books on the subject and included easy to follow tutorials. Her passion is to “celebrate life, grow your skills and create your story.” Jessica’s website is filled with all sorts of amazing classes (for every skill level) from Photoshop to photography, basically everything you need to really rock at digital scrapbooking.
    Renee is another digital scrapbooking pioneer. She recently launched a website filled with fantastic classes, many of them taught by my über talented friend, Tiffany Tillman. (You don’t want to miss her 25 Days of Templates class). If you want to take your skills to the next level, visit Renee’s site.

    The Daily Digi
    My homepage is The Daily Digi. They are the ultimate resource for all things digi. Tutorials, new designers, tips  + tricks, inspiration, great new products…. They have EVERYTHING. If you bookmark only one site, bookmark this one.

    Once you take the plunge, you are going to need some digital scrapbooking supplies. I shop everywhere, but my go-to stores are:

    Designer Digitals

    The Shabby Shoppe


    Weeds & Wildflowers

    Sweet Shoppe Designs

    Heather Ann Designs

    The Lily-Pad

    Using Layered Templates

    Digital Freebies

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    Would you like a little enabling? Sure you would! Here are some of my favorite places online, filled with inspiration and a daily dose of happy.

    Design Dazzle
    Couture Parties
    The Tomcat Studio
    Hostess with the Mostest
    Tara’s Tips
    Celebrations at Home
    Amy Atlas Events

    Tiny Belles Boutique
    A girl can never have too many tutus. Seriously.

    Neat Things
    This store makes my sarcastic heart very, very happy. icon smile
    The Vintage Pearl
    I don’t wear much jewelry, but I could easily buy every item in this shop.
    Nella Designs
    Love, Love,
    LOVE her designs. The store is pure eye candy.

    Jen Martin Studios – My favorite western Washington photographer
    Angela Parris – My favorite eastern Washington photographer


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