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  • Maegan

    Seven Random Things

    I was tagged a while back by my friend Cathy and I took some time to think of seven remotely interesting random things. (Trust me, it is a good thing I had time to think about this otherwise you would have heard all about the contents of my desk.) Here we go…

    1. I only drink purified water. Well, lets say 98% of the time. The water here is fluoridated and so we have had water delivered for the past three years. (Call me a crazy hippie. No way am I drinking the stuff.)  Even when we travel to other non-fluoridated places, I still won't drink the water. What can I say? I am spoiled. Even as I sit here typing I am soooo thirsty, but Kelly is out of town and our water cooler is empty. It's a good thing his flight gets in in about an hour. My very favorite water is Penta, but that costs about as much as a latte so I save that for special occasions.

    2. I got my hair cut yesterday and every time I look in the mirror I startle myself for a second. I like it, but it will take some time to get used to. I bought some Velcro rollers today to help put some lift in the back since my hair is flat-flat-flat, but I have no idea how to actually use them. I am kind of a dork in the hair department. I keep trying to be a non-ponytail girl, but what can I say? Given the option I would just pull my hair back everyday. No more though! I am fighting the frump and staying away from the "non-hairstyle" ponytail as my friend Tami calls it. I'll post a picture once I figure out the whole Velcro roller thing.

    3. I FINALLY have our Quicken and QuickBooks files up to date. It's about flipping time. It's only May for Pete's sake. Good grief.

    4. I made my second baby purchase yesterday. An adorable book called Urban Babies Wear Black. It is a little board book for the nursery. Love it. It reminds me of Zoë when she was a wee one.

    5. I now have a favorite song. I've never had a favorite song before. Stacy Julian used it in a presentation for her Library of Memories class I am taking. It will be the perfect song for the menu of our 2008 Family DVD. Yes, I think about these types of things…in April. Hey, I'm a planner!

    6. I had a turkey wrap from Costco for lunch. They are a very welcome addition to the hot dogs, chicken bakes, churros and pizza Costco has been selling for years. Ever since doing Weight Watchers years ago, I have a really hard time eating anything at the Costco snack bar because it is all TERRIBLE for you. (Seriously, I am not even going to link to nutritional information, it's that bad.) And the salad? Eh. It's alright, but it doesn't thrill me. So, like I said, I am very happy about the turkey wrap.

    7. I have been scrapping! Not particularly random, but it gives me an excuse to include some pictures with my post. I am happy to report that my mojo has returned. I think that the Library of Memories class really has a lot to do with that. My photos are all organized. I feel refreshed and creative again. All good things.

    outforpublication Seven Random Things

    outforpublication 2 Seven Random Things

    outforpublication 3 Seven Random Things

    I am going to tag Marie, but feel free to join in the fun if you'd like!

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  • Maegan

    Two Incredible Movie Nights

    Movie nights have become a big deal around our house. We look forward to them every Saturday. This week we tweaked the plans a bit and had movie night on Friday AND Sunday. Are we wild and crazy or what? (That would be sarcasm.) We are going to be in Spokane for Bloomsday next weekend, and California the following weekend, so we will be missing a few installments. Best make up for it now, right?

    chickenlittle blog Two Incredible Movie Nights
    First up was Chicken Little. This movie happens to be a family favorite, but who says we have to watch new movies anyway? I think it is easier to plan movie night with movies that you have actually already seen. That is how I knew to buy glow sticks for everyone to wear. The pieces of sky cookies were a pretty obvious choice as treats and I had to throw in some chicken nuggets for dinner. My sense of humor is twisted like that. It’s just the way I roll. Hehehe. My brother-in-law and his best friend were in town for the weekend and got to enjoy the festivities with us. I think I can safely say that they have never experienced movie night the way we do it at our house.

    incrediblemovie blog Two Incredible Movie Nights
    Next up, The Incredibles. This one was a spur of the moment decision on Sunday. It was kind of gloomy and rainy and I thought that would be an incredible way to spend the evening. (Oooh, I am clever!) I impressed myself actually. I came up with the accessories and treats in about five minutes. Not bad. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and asked them to put the pepperoni around the edges and make a lower case i in the center. They were pretty amused, and happily agreed to my request. While we waited for the pizza I made the masks and super hero emblems. Zoë had an absolute blast. She kept calling me Super Hero Mommy and Kel, Super Hero Daddy. She insisted that she be called Violet. It was just too cute. For dessert we had Super Hero Parfaits. Yummy! I thought that The Incredibles might be a bit too scary for Zoë (and there were parts that were) but she really enjoyed the movie.

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  • Maegan

    Twelve on the 25th

    Last month I was instantly inspired by this layout on Cathy Zielske's blog and knew that I had to do a 12 on 12 page. What a fun idea! I love capturing every day moments and what better way to do that than twelve random photos of your day? This is my first layout, (so I'm a little late to the party…being the 25th and all) I am hoping to do a 12 on 12 page each month. We'll see how that goes. I included typed journaling on the web version of this layout but I am having it printed without and am going to write the journaling myself. That is the one thing I miss with digital scrapbooking… including my handwriting. I actually have pretty good handwriting, so I might as well use it! (Credits coming soon.)

    12on412 web Twelve on the 25th

    A few of you have asked me about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge. I keep meaning to post about our trip but honestly every time I look at the pictures I just get mad. Instead of bringing our camera into the water park I bought a disposable water proof camera. I knew that the quality wouldn't be fantastic, but I figured they would be descent after I tweaked them in Photoshop. Wrong. There was ONE flipping photo on the entire camera that was even salvageable. %$#@!

    poolpark1 Twelve on the 25th

    Next time I am going to risk it and bring my Elph inside the "pool park" as Zoë calls it. We did get plenty of photos in other areas of the hotel. Honestly we only spent about two hours each day in the water park, by then Zoë was bored and frankly, so was I. We played in the arts and crafts area and the arcade, and ate obscene amounts of junk food. Note to anyone planning to go: There is absolutely no healthy food on premesis. Oh wait, they did have a bit of fruit in the buffets. That hardly counts though. The snack bars are filled with nothing but candy, pastries and an assortment of fried foods. (Zoë was thoroughly impressed with the baby corn dogs.)

    poolpark2 Twelve on the 25th

    The highlight of our trip had to be watching The Water Horse together snuggled up on the couch in our hotel room. We started the movie earlier in the night while we waited for the bed time story in the lobby, figuring that Kelly and I would finish it after Zoë went to bed. Well, she heard it from her room after we tucked her in and asked to watch it. We told her she could watch it from her bed. What she heard was, "Sure, come get on the couch and watch with us!" She was just so dang cute with her blankie and so excited to be staying up late with us that we let her, and it was awesome. One of those picture perfect family moments. And she loved the movie. It was the first non-cartoon movie she ever sat through. She loved it so much that I bought it when we got home. Oddly enough the evil stepmother from Enchanted freaks her out, but an angry Water Horse eating people is OK with her. Kids.

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  • Maegan

    Embracing My Style

    I have finally figured it out.


    I have been in denial for a while now, but it is true. I am a clean and simple scrapper. I love the elaborate clustered artsy layouts that I see everywhere but that is just not me. Trying to create layouts like that is what has been killing my mojo this past year.

    How do I know this?

    My Mom bought be Donna Downey’s new book A Photos-First Approach to Designing Layouts for my birthday and I loved every single layout I saw. That is totally my style. Simple. Focused on the photos and telling the story. That is totally me. Yes, the elaborate element filled layouts are gorgeous, but that is just not my style. I am embracing it. Going with the flow…

    Would you believe that I have finished four layouts in the last few days? That is more than I have completed in the last few months. I actually feel creative again. Love it. Love it. Love it. None of these are posted in a gallery yet. I will post credit links one I do.

    delight small Embracing My Style

    easter05web Embracing My Style

    carwash web Embracing My Style

    And my very favorite…

    goingtowork small Embracing My Style

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  • Maegan

    And Away We Go!

    I am so looking forward to this weekend. We are taking a mini vacation to the brand new Grand Wolf Lodge this weekend. It is the first indoor water park/hotel in Washington. And the best part? We can drive. Kelly is so burned out on airplane travel that the idea of flying anywhere for "fun" just does not appeal to him.

    I came to a very startling realization last weekend. I need to buy a swimming suit for our water themed getaway. Duh. I don’t know why that hadn’t quite occurred to me. I think I was blocking that little detail out. Lovely. Do you think I could find a maternity swimsuit anywhere this week? That would be a big no. I finally gave up and ordered one from Old I guessed on the size and yep, it is too big on top. A maternity swimsuit is a hard thing because while it is a bit big right now, this summer it won’t be, and I really don’t want to buy two of these beauties. I am just going to wear it in all it’s maternity glory. It’s not like I am going to the water park to pick up guys. (That would be a bit awkward with my husband there. Hehehe) I did pick up a cute magenta cover-up which coordinates perfectly with my magenta crocs. Oh yeah, I said it. I love my magenta crocs. I also picked up some shorts because last weekend when it was 80 degrees in our house the only shorts that fit me were Kelly’s boxers. Now that is classy, let me tell you. I had to do something about that situation.

    maternityswim And Away We Go!

    Not bad, right? I am not entirely sure what to pack for the weekend honestly. I can’t imagine we will be spending ALL our time in the pool, but you never know with Zoë. She loves the water. Any tips would be fantastic. I did buy Zoë a fun swim suit for the occasion that will let her play in the water without a bulky life jacket. This is going to be a great weekend. It will be wonderful to spend time together as a family. I wanted to go on at least one more family vacation before the baby comes, so I am a happy girl.  I don’t plan on going anywhere that requires me to be in a swimsuit this summer. Yikes! Although I may be singing another tune when it is 90 degrees outside. LOL!

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